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About Us

Solid Waste Incinerator Manufacturers

Together we can make this world a better place.

Revoltech International: Solid Waste Incinerator Manufacturers

Our Vision

To become an internationally renowned company in the field of steel fabrication with high Quality, precise services, and products, entirely dedicated to building up full satisfaction and Trust in customers and long-term relationships with them. With Eco-friendly Solid Waste Incinerator Manufacturers. we also provide medical waste, industrial, food waste, and all kinds of solid waste.

Our story

The  foundation stone of revoltech international has been laid in 2006 in the Middle East . A Quadrennial later Revoltech international got expanded to India in 2016 by himself the founder of revoltech international Mr Mustafa Musliyarakath.  Revoltech international is a manufacturing unit of incinerator.   The main objective was to make the waste disposal an easy job without polluting the atmosphere. To reduce carbon emissions and pollution, thus creating a green and clean environment is more like an obligation to us. We continue building a better world, for a brighter future

Our Mission

Provide services and develop products in the field of steel fabrication through the collective efforts of a team of dedicated, highly skilled engineers and technicians, adopting and developing advanced technologies with the qualities of precision, innovation, and Refinement, committed to the full satisfaction of customers and to the long term relationship with them. Solid Waste Incinerator Manufacturers.

Our Values

  • Reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to Earth
  • Helps to burn all kinds of household wastes
  • Cost effective
  • Maintain the good brand value
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • With the top quality Solid Waste Incinerator.

Over 2500 successful units delivered

Our success isn’t dependent on landfill dumping. With the help of REVOLTECH INTERNATIONAL
we can make this world a better place, talk to us for more info

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